Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Still Here Honest! 

No RoseGarden entry since over a month. How can that be? This happens from time to time it seems. Lots of subject matter, but time management seems to be the problem.


Been Busy

That’s not supposed to be a legitimate excuse. Either you do a blog regularly or else readers will not come back. I hope that’s not true, but sometimes it is.


At any rate we have had a busy past couple months and hope to now be back on track again.


We’ve been involved in knee replacement procedures. Not mine, the better half’s.


We have been involved in a move to another area. Not mine, but a family member.


And we will soon be checking out our new winter haven in Central Florida, which involved new planning and excitement.


Those things and some others caused time to fly by the last while and there was no time for time management.   depends


Back To Normal


I think things are getting back to being a little more organized. So RoseGarden should get back to being published regularly a few times a week.

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