Friday, September 23, 2011

Filling out online forms - it all disappears 

Have you ever been filling out an online form, get it almost ready and suddenly everything disappears? This can be especially annoying when you type a fairly large amount of text into one of those little boxes and you are ready to submit it and poof, its gone.

This can also happen on sites like Facebook where you fill out the little text box to comment or write on someone's wall.

This happens for various reasons. Sometimes its you. You accidently click on the wrong thing. Some boxes won't allow copy and paste, and if you do the entire box is erased. This applies also when you use the keyboard for the manoeuver such as CTRL+V.

My method of approaching this problem is to always type everything in a text editor first. Notepad will work, along with plenty of free notepad replacement programs such as Metapad, NoteTab Light and Notepad++.

Another program I find good for general word processing is Jarte. It has the advantage of being able to bold and a lot of other things that text editors don't have. Plus it saves to rtf and MS word format as well as text.

Just type your piece into the note pad program, then copy and paste it into the box on the site. In this case copy and paste will work fine so long as you are pasting everything you intend to write into the box at one time.

Click submit and the job is completed. Should anything go wrong you still have the original in your notepad program that you can use again. Much better than having to type a paragraph or more over again.

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