Saturday, September 24, 2011

No self advertising in forums. 

By now you probably know the site nscave.com has a primary purpose designed to assist people with computer hints, tips and solutions. Sure it has other sections related to travel, and is related to this blog. Its main purpose though is to assist people in enjoying everyday technology.


You are one bad individual.
Not long ago I got a stern lashing that I was not supposed to have any signature or tag line related to this site when answering peoples problems in a certain big name forum.


Consequently I do not answer any problems for anyone on this forum anymore. That's sad.  For often I have had a reasonable answer for some of their woes.


The tag line used was  (¯`·._.·ns¢ävË·._.·´¯)


I have this set on my computer so that it automatically appears whenever I comment or write anything. Its identification that the comment really came from us.


As an after thought it struck me funny that the big name site mentioned has their C logo more than once on every page, every email, every newsletter, every blog and video clip multiple times that they are even remotely involved in.


Don't get me wrong, their forum policy says no site promotion. It's all in interpretation. To me  (¯`·._.·ns¢ävË·._.·´¯) is a signature.


This would be site promotion:

NscaveGatorButton      RosegardenblogButton

Geo OneDayLogo
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