Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Save Online Articles Without Additional Sign In - Print to PDF 

One of my favourite newsletters has a habit which really burns me to no end. I get this fancy web style newsletter which is often filled with articles of information I find valuable. Usually there is one or two I would like to keep for reference.

"Click here to download this article in PDF format," it says.


Free Registration Required

So you click, and it leads you to another page that says "sign in," free registration is required. Even if you have already registered, you still wait for another page and wait for the download to begin.

That's a lot of clicking and waiting, plus it takes a lot of time if you have other e-mail or newsletters waiting.


Print to PDF

There is an easier way.

Just install one of the many PDF printers  that are available for free. There are many of them, and most work equally well. Basically its a printer driver that when installed adds a "print to PDF" option on your drop down printer list.

doPDF, CutePDF, PrimoPDF, PDF Creator to name a few I have tried, and they all work equally well.

Now when you read that article, and want to keep a copy of it, just highlight the area you want to save, click print, select print to PDF, select print selection - it will ask you for  a file name and where to save it. Just like that you have your own copy of the article for ready reference quicker than you can read this paragraph.

I use this method often, not just for newsletters, but for most written material I want to save. You can include graphics & pictures too. Much faster and more convenient than signing in to additional pages.


Tip: Some articles may not be all on one web page. Look for the 'print' icon near the article. They don't all have it, but when they do, it opens the full article as one document which you can print to PDF.

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