Monday, November 26, 2012

Travelin’ Man 

First day of a four day trip is completed. Some snow in one place with just bare wheel tracks, the rest of the day sunny, windy and cold.


Things I Learned Today

Front Deflector - If you buy a new Dodge van, don’t buy the factory deflector or spoiler for the front. Its a total waste. It vibrates and shakes so bad you can’t even talk inside.

This is something they are aware of, and mine is not an isolated case. A friend with the same year,make and model has the exact same problem.

Both of us had to remove them during the trip.

Speedo Numbers – In Canada we’re metric, so vehicles bought there have large metric numbers for speed indicators. In the US they still use the regular miles per hour. The US numbers on Canadian vans are so tiny and in the colour red you can’t see them while driving.

Other than that, a nice cruisin’ machine so far.

Lets see where tomorrow puts us.

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