Friday, May 23, 2014

Create Safe Driving App? 

While scanning the sources the last few days I came across a headline that read: “Create A Safe Driving App. $xxxx in prizes up for grabs.”


It goes on to say: “have an idea for an app that helps promote safe driving? If you do, display the idea for a free mobile app that puts an end to texting while driving.”


Being formerly involved in safe driving as an occupation, this produced several visions as I repeatedly re-read the ad each time it appeared.


First, what is a safe driving app? Is it a list of do and do not suggestions that you see in a pamphlet?


An app that puts an end to texting while driving?  How is that done?


Does it lock out your phone or tablet while you are moving?


I can see some possibilities here. But no need for any prize money. Money talks, but here’s my idea, maybe not an app though, but its almost free.



1)  Buy yourself two little strips of Velcro about an inch or two long.


2)  Stick one Velcro strip on your phone.


3)  Stick the other half of the Velcro strip on the inside of the back door as far back as possible.

4)  When you are about to drive, stick that dang phone to the strip on the back door. 



Easily retrievable at the end of your journey.  Guaranteed to stop texting and calling while driving.


Cost: about 30¢.

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