Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Tablet Double Click? 

When you use a tablet, you are a "click "person. There is hardly a chance to use a keyboard, other than the on-screen version.


As with a full computer, less clicks to get where you want to go is always good.


So why is it, when you are in Facebook  or Twitter for example, you always have to click twice to get to an article?



What’s With The Double Click?


SmileyDesgusted  You know the routine, you read the headline or introductory blurb, and click or tap to see the rest, and the new screen shows the same introduction again, with the box " visit site "or     " click here to view."


Didn't I already indicate that by clicking/tapping the first time?


Seems to me this defeats the purpose of having a tablet for speed and portability in, the first place.

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