Sunday, June 08, 2014

Ways To Check The Online News Wasting Less Time 

ComputerDudeFirst thing every morning I grab the cup of coffee and sit down at the computer and check the news, weather, Facebook along with a quick look at Twitter.


Wasted Time


I found I sometimes wasted a couple hours being side tracked from one article to another, then another and so on.



Get Control 


Then I found ways to get back in control of the morning online ritual.

  1. Quick scan of the front page. What do I really need to read/care about?
  2. Do I really need to read this article, what value will I  get out of it?
  3. Learn to scan & speed read, it helps a lot.
  4. Watch out for trick headlines.
  5. Is this an article I read before with a new title/headline?
  6. Is this a topic I really need information on?
  7. Is the writer a reliable source, or just a commenter?




If you quickly answer these questions to yourself as you begin each online article, you will soon find you are reading less, and learning more from only the articles that are really of interest to you.


Try it! First thing you know, it becomes an automatic process.

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