Monday, October 13, 2014

Preparation Time 

Its here, time to prepare for our winter venture as usual, begins this time of year. The usual “get ready” obligations are there as always.


Out With The Old

The past 5 winters have been spent at Panama City Beach, a place we enjoyed very much, and gained a lot of friends along the way.


Its a great place to spend the winter, except for the month of March where Spring Break began to make us alter our routines so much it was a wasted month really. You may have seen last year’s remarks on the news.


But at the same time, we had enough good times there over the years that we will no doubt do at least a visit from our new location.


In With The New

So we selected a new place, La Casa Del Sol, near Davenport Florida, just outside of Orlando.


We visited this place twice last winter and figured it is the place to be. Casa


So there is lots of anticipation. What will it be like so close to all the main Florida attractions? Sea World, Disney, Daytona, Space Center, and much much more.


What’s the main newspaper to keep up with local events? The main TV station? The best malls? The best places to see? The list goes on.


Oh And That Too


Behind the scenes preparation also includes this very blog, and our website NSCAVE. There will be a special area devoted to La Casa Del Sol where we hope to introduce you to some articles, videos and other interesting ‘stuff’ as our new adventures begin.


We hope to gain some readers from there as well as keep our regulars on board as we try on new adventures.

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