Tuesday, September 20, 2011

RoseGarden is still here. 

Once again RoseGarden has been pretty quiet throughout the summer. We hope to fix that now. Seems to me I said that before more than once.

This has been a busy summer in more ways than one.  It turned out to be twenty five times busier than I expected.

Dictionary dot com defines busy this way: actively and attentively engaged in work or a pastime, not at leisure; otherwise engaged or full of or characterized by activity.

So busy can mean different things to different people.

Natural Disasters
From the beginning of this year to present there has been a continuous stream of natural disasters. Earthquakes, tsunami, tornadoes, hurricanes, floods and many other things have affected people's lives.

It would be safe to say people living in areas where these events took place have been busy in the worst kind of way. And many will likely be busy for some time trying to return to normal if that's possible.

As a side note, it has been interesting with sadness watching the eastern US seaboard earthquake and hurricane that happened not long ago. Driving back and forth to Florida for the past several years allowed us to become familiar and recognize many of the towns and areas that experienced flooding and other damage.


When your car overheats, there is usually something you can fix to eliminate the problem. This year parts of North America were to the point of overheating. Many places in the US had extreme heat, such as Texas where it went on for months, with little or no rain, and wild fires became a natural enemy.

Here in Canada, the central and western parts had temperatures much higher than normal for long periods of time. Even northern parts had continuous temperatures far beyond comfortable.

So it would be safe to say these people were also busy, in a different way.

Incidentally I recently heard parts of Ontario already had snow flurries, and our areas are beginning to have frost warnings. Some things just don't seem natural. Isn't it to early for that?

My Busy

My busy was a little more routine. I planted some flowers, mowed the lawn once a week, traveled every second week, cleaned out some closets, got rid of some things no longer needed, went to two weddings, planted some grass,cut down some plants, watered the grass, watched NASCAR once a week - this sentence is too long so I can't tell you the rest.

The point is we are going to do our best to get RoseGarden back on track again. Some nonsense, some comments, some computer items and maybe a surprise or two.

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