Thursday, September 19, 2013

Body Wash Shampoo 

Ever have one of those body wash shampoo kind of days?  I knew you did.



You know, one of those times, usually in the morning when you hop into the shower. The water is too hot, too cold, can't seem to get it just right.



Now with they eyes full of water, you grab the bottle for a dash of body wash on your wash cloth. (You don't use those fancy puff balls do you?) The lather smells good, and you gradually get refreshed.



Grab the bottle of shampoo douse your head with more than you planned to, and the soap gets into your eyes and other places you wished it wouldn't. Geeze that stuff burns.



Off with the water, towel, then you discover it. Did I just use shampoo for body wash? Good grief then, what did I just wash my hair with?



Are you kidding me? I did that? Kind of explains the burning eyes.



Trust me, don't get the shaving lotion that comes in tubes that you have to squeeze out. It tastes awful. Stick with the liquid bottle kind.



You can't go wrong.

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