Monday, June 14, 2021

Milestone Birthday - With Flamingos At Large 

Milestone Birthday
Recently my wife had a milestone birthday. Because of Covid restrictions the original party had to be cancelled. What can you do if you have to stay at home and no one is allowed in?

The idea lightbulb came on! I contacted Flamingos At Large, a local business that provides numerous yard displays. Overnight our yard became a pink display of those magnificent birds. I don't know how Sharon does it. I peaked out a couple times during the early hours. Bare lawn every time - but in the morning a sea of Pink Flamingos everywhere.

During the day people came to drop off gifts & cake, always saying what a super display. Horns tooted as they passed by. I posted a picture on our Facebook page and got positive comments from our friends in various parts of Canada, and since we are former snowbirds, lots of wow comments from our friends across the USA too.

Even our little dog Rocky loved the display. Not once did he attempt to pee on them, but rolled on his back several times amongst them!

Lois said it was the best birthday ever. And I attribute that to Sharon at Flamingos At Large. The Flamingos were the star attraction - - -
💥other than my wife of course!💥


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  • Wednesday, June 09, 2021

    My Impression of This Year's News So Far 


    My Impression of This Year's News So Far:

    Looks like we are going to have to watch every individual person get a needle on TV, including the second shot! 

    We are preparing for vaccine delivery.
    Then we are preparing for vaccine delivery delays. 
    We were told what's important is to take any vaccine that's available.
    The following day, No I didn't say that!
    But one kind may give you something besides a vaccine shot that you don't want. 
    But that's okay - same chance as winning the lottery. 
    Make sure you get your second shot in 21 days. 
    No never mind, four months is okay. 
    Your second shot must be the same as the first one. 
    No you can choose what you want for the second. 
    Well you might need a booster shot every year. Maybe! Perhaps! Possibly!
    Get tested, get your shot. 
    Get tested as often as possible. 
    Recommend you get tested every week!
    We'll never force you to get vaccinated.
    You can't leave the province unless your vaccinated!
    We won't open everything up until 75% are vaccinated. 
    You have to have two shots before we open, or was that to leave, or come back. 
    This is something I think we'll get more details on. 
    In our discussions we discussed the discussion we discussed when when we had our discussion. 

    I'm not an anti-vaxer, I've always had the flu shot, measles vaccine, shingles vaccine, and a lot more. But I'd like to see a little more reliability in the current information other than the dictated "you must!"

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  • Tuesday, June 01, 2021

    Its That Time Again 

     That Time Again?

    Its time to get RoseGarden on the go again. This blog has been stopped, restarted, paused, and started again. 
    This time we hope to keep it going a little longer on its usual regular basis.

    Lots To Write About

    With the times we've had the last two years, there is certain lots to write about.

    As in the past, sometimes it will be opinions, perhaps comments on recent happenings, often informative blurbs and even some warning such as today's.

    An Informative Warning

    A lot of us use social media and wouldn't want to do without it. There's a trend today, and most know about it but still do it anyway, from young to old participants.

    It starts like this: "I was wondering where everyone went! Thanks for the tip to circumvent Facebook... Works!! I have a whole new profile. I see posts from people I didn't see anymore. Facebook's new algorithm picks the same people - around 25-who will see your posts. Hold your finger anywhere in this post and click " copy ". Go to your page where it says " what's on your mind". Tap your finger anywhere in the empty field. Click paste.
    This is going to circumvent the system."

    This is information gathering pure and simple. Once you do that, yours, your friends, anyone that participates is sharing all their information. 

    You've been told many times not to do that. But you do! You will soon receive lots of unexpected 'stuff' in your feeds.

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  • Wednesday, October 14, 2020

    See You In The Fast Lane 


    Self Serve Cash

    I’ve always resisted using self serve cash registers, agreeing with those who believe we are taking jobs away by doing the store’s work.

    After a recent visit to a local drug store, I am beginning to change my mind – fast!

    One Cash Open

    Although there were several cash registers available, only one was being used. That’s right one cashier. There was a line-up of more than several people, although we were second in line. 

    The lady ahead being served at the cash was doing I don’t know what. Several cards used, phone scanned for points several times, and so on. The cashier was doing her best to move things along. But it seemed like we were there for an eternity.

    3 Self Serve Units

    Immediately to our right there are three of those horrible self serve cash machines. During the time we were waiting, a total of 8 people went through those, two with fairly large orders.

    I’ll Serve Myself

    In the future I’ll probably be in the fastest line. (Actually there was no line-up there the entire time.) I won’t be taking anybody’s job away because the company chooses not to have anyone at the other cash registers anyway.

    Although I have used one store as an example, this holds true in many stores. One store has about a dozen cash registers. Only ever see one cashier available, two if its really really busy.

    See you in the fast lane! (¯`·._.·ns¢ävË·._.·´¯)®

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  • Thursday, June 18, 2020

    I Can't Believe 

    I Can't Believe:


    That we were supposed to stay inside and not go out. 

    That we could go out but must stay apart at least 6 ft. 

    That if we protest and get down on a knee staying apart doesn't matter. 

    That media people can't figure out how to use a web cam without the 'nose-hole' effect.

    That news videos are edited and edited and edited to show what they want us to see not what we should see. 

    That we must worship and idolize people who break the law. 

    That we must do as we are told, or be labeled! 

    That we must not have our own opinion on anything. 

    That we can't say anything unless it's what we've been told is correct. 

    That leaders can do as they please because it's an emergency. 

    That we live in a democratic country!

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  • Wednesday, June 03, 2020

    You Won't Be Here 

    You Won't Be Here

    Someday you won't be here. As humans we are all destined to leave this world some day, often without much notice.

    Most things we leave behind won't change much, a few things may change a little.

    Some say climate change and environmental concerns will destroy all. Perhaps. But most things will stay the same, for a long time to come.

    Grand Mothers & Grand Fathers

    When I look back and think what it was like when my grand parents were here, many things haven't changed much. The layout of the land is practically the same. Sure there are some new highways, a few buildings and so on, but the layout of the land is the same.

    Our province has the same shape, the water ways are the same size and in the same places. Towns and villages may have changed size a little, but they are still in the same place with practically the same landmarks.

    Sure, we have internet, satellite radio, GPS and all those technical things, but  still basic things are just about the same.

    Other Family Members

    If you have lost other family members, a mother, father, wife, husband or child, think back as to what it was like when they were here. Of course there are some things you wished they had been here to see, but really the place is just about the same.

    Whether it was a couple years ago, or many years ago, the basic things have changed very little.

    When You Go

    So when its your turn, when your number is picked, things won't change much, not even after years have passed. 

    A few personal things of yours may be kept as mementos, but most things you treasured will be tossed away and things will remain the same for years and years, only you and your treasured stuff won't be here.

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  • Tuesday, May 19, 2020

    Watch Your Spell Checker 

    We Now Easily Read Misspelled Words

    Sometimes it's caused by that wonderful spell checker, auto correct, or sometimes the person just can't spell.  

    Misspelled  words don't seem to matter much anymore.

    We read all the misspelled crap now days without paying any attention, whether its a news item or a friendly text. Our eyes trigger our brain to read it correctly.

    One Letter - Can Make A World Of Difference

    In the following only one letter has been changed.

    The fart (farm) was large and had a unique aroma.

    I put up with wet snot (snow) all day.

    My dead (dear) friend was ignored for a week.

    Sometimes the movie sex (set) gets my attention.

    The poop (pool) was warm and inviting.

    I almost shit (shot) myself when the gun went off!
    She cried many years (tears) and no one noticed.

    Putting the fart (cart) before the horse is very difficult!

    So the next time you are typing that message let the spell checker do its work.  You may be surprised at what you say!

    👀 You'll be double checking those messages now won't you!  👀

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  • Saturday, May 16, 2020

    We're Back Again 

    After much consideration I've considered resurrecting the blog again. 

    Not that there isn't lots to write about, just that when I was traveling to Florida for winters it was breaking the routine too much and I couldn't seem to be consistent.

    Thankfully we stayed home the last two winters, so we will see how it goes this time. I think its spring/summer now anyway. Isn't it?

    I Just Love My Google Assistant

    Google Assistant - you know those little round speaker boxes that do about everything you ask. I have several of them.

    Mine had a minute and a half conversation with the TV one night.

    Lately though its more refined:

    "There's a glitch, try again later!"

    "I can't connect to the internet right now!"

    "Something went wrong, try again later!"

    So I turned off my own dang light!!!

    Education Not Always For Kids

    With the pandemic that has been and is going on, our kids have not been able to attend school. 

    But its the adults that are getting educated. Or at least some of them.

    I was always thankful, and sometimes thanked them, but not enough - waste collection people, store workers, truck drivers, and many many others, who we take for granted because they are always there.

    Isn't it strange how these people became the most important ones in our daily lives. People that we absolutely can not do without. 

    We take so much for granted!

    Thank You everyone in those occupations.

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  • Tuesday, May 14, 2019

    Our Media Is Smarter Than My Spell Checker–Or Not! 

    Under The Bus

    Not long ago a couple of us discussed our feelings on one of the media’s favourite sayings “Under The Bus,” a term not very favourable to those who work in the transit transportation industry.

    Our Media Is Full Of It

    Well I didn’t mean exactly that, but here are some saying I’ve picked up from our local media recently.

    To you, the meaning may be perfectly clear. To me not so much!

    “Slowing Traffic To A Standstill”

    I would really like to know if traffic is at a standstill, how can it be slow.

    Conversely if traffic is slow, how can it be at a standstill if its still moving?

    “Earlier  Ago”

    Not totally improper I suppose, but I would just like to know if it happened earlier, or a long time ago.

    Even Google was vague about this one to a certain extent.

    “Temperature Is Getting Colder – Blame It On Global Warming!”

    Well I can easily see where we are going with this one correct or not.

    More taxes, plain and simple.

    “If We’re Going To Have A Conversation About That It Should Be In The Conversation”

    Back in my working days I had a course one time that focused on body language at meeting. How to tell whether a person is being upfront and honest or kind of stretching things a little.

    No question here – politics, plain and simple!

    “Sort Of On Standby”

    Research on this one led to politics as well. All parties, several countries – more to come after the break!

    All items in quotations were taken from recent TV newscasts.

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  • Monday, April 29, 2019

    Don’t Share Anything With Me 

    Don’t Share Anything With Me – I Don’t Want It!

    I’m talking about social media, the most popular one in fact.

    Let me say that again: “Don’t Share Anything With Me – I Don’t Want It!”

    People Just Don’t Get It!

    Well they do, because you sent it!

    No, I’m not talking about the article but what happens to the people you send it to.

    When you share that item I often hear, “Well it didn’t do anything.. Nothing happens.”

    You Don’t See Anything Happen

    But it goes to your friends, every one of them, and whether they read it or not,

    it goes to their friends, and their friends, and their friends, and on to their friends – get the picture?

    During that journey many items are available along the way from all those profiles – email addresses, phone numbers in some cases, where you’ve been, where your going, the kids pictures, – you know, all that stuff you don’t care about.

    How Did You Get That Article?

    Did it ever occur to you that someone else may have already read it? Probably long before you did.

    And likely some friends sent it to them. Things don’t just appear out of nowhere in social media.

    The chance of you sending something someone hasn’t already read is about 1%.

    By The Way Can You Read?

    Do you really think a lost person on the other side of the world lost 5 years ago is going to be found in my neighbourhood – or yours?

    Do you really think it is going to help cure that terrible disease if I post something on my wall for an hour?

    Do you really think thousands of people are going to receive thousands of dollars because you must share and pass on this stupid picture of phony money?

    Do you really think that something bad will happen if everyone doesn’t pass this on without scrolling in one minute?

    Do you really think I can’t come up with another hundred examples from stuff people send that I have to pass on?

    Click Bait!

    Is what it is called. Every day over and over again, Share this, click here, send this, watch this then forward . . .

    Friends, friends of friends, friends of their friends, friends of their friends, .   .   .

    Click Here!

    By the way Click Here!  You won’t get much but its more relaxing than sharing stuff!

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  • Sunday, April 21, 2019

    Get Fast Service–Unintentionally 

    US Money

    We used to spend winters in Florida but due to personal reasons we were unable to do that this past season.

    Therefore we had some American money around that I felt should be deposited before it got displaced or lost.

    To A Local Bank

    So the money is placed in a long white envelope, along with a US cheque that needed to be deposited also.

    And I head off to my local bank.

    It was cool that day, so I wear a heavy green, almost black colour jacket.

    Good Day Sir!

    As I entered the bank I almost missed the receptionist saying, “Good afternoon, how are you?”

    I guess my mind was else where.

    After about four steps past her area, I turned, smiled and said: “Oh, Good Afternoon!”

    Line Up

    There was one lady in front of me, one gentleman behind me, awaiting our turn at one of the three tellers.

    I hadn’t been in that bank for over a year and was looking around, noticing overhead some big black new style security cameras. As my gaze followed along the ceiling around the room I was thinking, those are different, there’s a lot of them.

    In the meantime the lady in front of me moves to an available teller.

    I reach inside my jacket with my right hand and pull out the long white envelope with the US money inside.


    As I did that I see one of the tellers look up quickly, then back to what she was doing.

    I also see the manager come out of his office and go quickly behind the counter being particularly busy for a few moments with also a few quick glances in my direction.

    Shortly thereafter he heads straight to my position and with a smile, asks: “You have been waiting a long time Sir. What brings you in to see us today?”

    “I have a bunch of American money I need to deposit,” I say, holding up the white envelope.

    Come With Me

    “Come right over here with me,” he says, “I can do that for you. The tellers are very busy today and things are taking a long time.”

    We introduce each other, and begin a chat as he does what I came in to do. I explain I have the money on hand because we usually go to Florida in winter, but couldn’t this year.

    He counters with the fact he had just returned from a vacation in Mexico, and had the tan to prove it. He was a nicest person you could ever meet.

    My mission for going there was soon complete, bills checked for authenticity, cheque verified, deposited, and I was on my way.


    Normally I would have taken the envelope out of my jacket pocket before I entered the bank. That day I didn’t.

    As I headed back to my vehicle, I couldn’t help thinking how sad it is that society has become so different today.

    Then again how professional everything was.  I may be wrong in my assumption, but when I thought about it after the sequence started, I was reminded of one of my mother’s sayings, “You started something didn’t you!”

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  • Sunday, April 14, 2019

    Every Day’s A School Day–Don’t Offer Anything For Free 

    Just realized I missed last week’s blog entirely. Old people do that. Forget things.

    This Weeks Lesson

    I tried to give away a 61” TV this week on one of FB’s buy & sell sites.


    It’s an older projection model that has a large cabinet. The posted write up included pictures and written dimensions. 57.5”H x 56”W x 24.25”D

    It was also stated very clearly a pickup truck would be needed to move it. It will not fit in a normal size van. No delivery.

    Free!  The picture is perfect everything works perfectly – I hated to just recycle it, but it has to go because of pending room modifications.

    Can Anybody Read Can Anybody See

    Well I ask that question because of the questions that follow.

    I will never ever try to give anything away for free ever again!

    Here’s Some Of The Questions Asked

    * Will it fit in the trunk of my car?

    * Will it fit in my van?

    * Is this still available?

    * I have a large trunk, do you think it will fit?

    * -Repeat many times-


    * #1 -  I will definitely take it. Will pick it up tomorrow.

    * #2 - I would have to see it working. (Yes its hooked up and working.)

    - I will take it!

    *#3 – Is this still available?

    Arrangements Made

    So arrangements were made with #1 to pick it up the following day.

    The day arrives – passes - no sign of interested party.

    So I advise offer rescinded offer going to the next on the list.

    #2 asks – are there stairs to come down?

    (No - split entry house, six stairs to go up to the door, tight fit but not that bad.)

    I wouldn’t want to damage your house taking it out. You have to have it out in the yard when I get there.

    I am a senior and have no way of getting it to the yard by myself!


    At this point I deleted the ad!

    It was such a hassle answering all the stupid questions, comments and requests I will never ever try to give anything away for free ever again!

    It was almost a continuous waste of time for 3 days.

    Described TV although working perfectly, will be dissembled and transported in pieces directly to the local recycle depot!

    Did I Mention

    I will never ever try to give anything away for free ever again!

    Every Day’s A School Day may return again from time to time as I learn new things in my senior years.

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  • Sunday, March 31, 2019

    Standby For Rescue 

    It  started about two weeks ago when ‘you know who’ started looking at dog pictures on FaceBook.

    At the middle of the first week I was shown pictures of dogs on FB – three times a day.

    Then instead of pictures of dogs – it was a picture of a dog!

    By the beginning of the second week the investigation got more detailed and accurate.

    Then I barely heard part of a telephone conversation:
    “. . .looking for an older couple for an older dog. . .his name is Rocky!”

    Then ‘you know who’ suddenly says:

    “What a beautiful day. We should go for a drive. Can we go to Pictou to see that little dog?  Just to see what he’s really like.”

    An hour and a half later we are at the Pictou SPCA. Staff brings out this little guy and says:

    “He’s a rescue, probably not treated very good, doesn’t like other dogs - the last owner brought him in because he nipped at the kids. He needs to go to an older couple with no kids.”

    Well he went to ‘you know who’ for several minutes happy as can be, tail wagging, looking for pats with all the excitement a pet can show.

    Then quick as lightning he turned, jumped up on my lap, and curled up in a tight snuggle as much as to say, “That’s it, lets go!”

    Well you know where he is now. He is 13 years old. That old dog has an old couple.

    So far he has met a lot of people, including kids. And so far not a bit of aggression has been shown.

    Rocky definitely has a furever home.

    I’m just wondering – who rescued who?

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  • Sunday, March 24, 2019

    DashCam Daze  

    Many of us have dash cams these days just to prove what's going on in case we need to prove what went on. This is a new feature of RoseGarden that will show some reasons why so many collisions occur on our roads day after day.

    Most of them speak for themselves with no sound required.

    Isn't that cool. Right On Red From Centre!

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  • Tuesday, March 12, 2019

    Under The Bus 

    This article was published by my friend on 02 March 2019. I asked and received permission to re-post it here, since it is a subject on which I have the same view and firmly agree with Fred.

    Guest Post by Frederick Lawrence Bushor

    Like many of you, there are a number of things in the news today that I find irksome. So what. There is one I want to mention here. A Liberal MP, Bob Nault, apparently said the Mexican government threw Canada "Under the bus" when they made a deal with the U.S. government.

    Now, I've heard this phrase used about three or four times in the media this past week or so. A CBC reporter, Chantal Hebert on CBC news and now an M.P. .

    Here's what this phrase means to me. If you want to hurt someone, throw them "Under the bus".

    Why? Because bus drivers don't pay attention to their driving?  Because they can't stop in time when braking suddenly? Why not say "Throw them under the train"? It takes a lot longer to stop a train. Why not, "Throw them under the taxi"? Or, how about, "Throw them under the Member of Parliament's staff car"?

    Bus drivers get a bad rap. Sometimes it's deserved.

    Most times it isn't . And I'd just like to see the use of the phrase,  " Throw / threw them under the bus" put to rest. Maybe try saying someone was abandoned , cast aside, deserted or rejected. 

    But, I'd like to see the media stop crapping on bus drivers.

    A-h-h-h-h.  That feels better.  G'nite.

    My Comment

    My last career before retirement was Training Officer for the local transit company. Each and every bus driver out there has a unique specialized job with a ‘clamity’ value that is equal to a junior aircraft captain!

    (Clamity is defined as: an event causing great and often sudden damage or distress; a disaster – in the case of a bus operator, the number of things requiring the mind’s attention at any given time.)

    Isn't that statement discriminatory or politically incorrect these days? Everything else is! I hate it when I hear it - always did.

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  • Saturday, March 09, 2019

    My Pet Bird 

    My Pet Bird

    Yes I said that. “My Pet Bird!”

    It started last fall. This one single by itself little sparrow type bird started hanging out around the front of our house.

    It is there every morning, and returns every afternoon and evening. It looked thin and hungary, and it mostly walked, rarely flying.

    Always alone, by itself never with any other birds.

    Explanation To The Neighbours

    I am sure a few of the neighbours wondered what I have been doing, sliding out early in the morning with a small container, and reversing the procedure bringing the container in at night. This routine has been going on for months.

    You see, there are some other long tailed furry friends in the neighbourhood as well (rats), and I have no intention of nourishing them.

    Big Bird Buddy

    Well throughout the winter my friend has appeared nearly every day at the same times. This includes during rain, sleet, snow and extremely high wind.

    It eats – a lot, walks around under the car and van in the driveway and scoots out of the way if anyone suddenly appears. I have a feeling it lives under a small bush nearby and I am amazed it has survived the extreme cold of winter.

    It has now grown quite big and looks healthy. It also flies a bit now, although never higher than four feet off the ground.

    Who knew I would ever say “Click Here To See My Bird!”

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  • Tuesday, March 05, 2019

    Subscription Programs 

    It’s Worth Paying For

    Many years ago I decided not to use pirated programs. You know, you get a legitimate program, find a code and you're good to go - if you don't get caught.

    I figure it costs a lot of time and money to develop these programs, so companies and individuals deserve compensation.

    So I have purchased the programs that I depend on from the proper sources. And its worth it. Updates are often supplied regularly for free, and upgrades are often offered at discounted prices.

    Some Programs Are Free

    True, there are some programs that are free, and I have used a few of those and I do send in a contribution if I find one that does an outstanding job for me.

    But now days you have to watch those very carefully. Free programs often include a pre-checked install of an unwanted program.

    Always do a ‘custom’ install of any program. Observe all boxes and options very carefully.

    The Annual Subscription

    Now there's a new way of doing things appearing more and more in the software world.

    Subscriptions to your favourite programs. Yes, you pay a monthly or annual fee to use the program. Updates are provided free of course, which is often the company's main selling feature, their reason you should do it that way.

    In my opinion it is a way to boost their income, which increases user cost, especially for low use customers.

    Not For Me

    As an advanced hobbyist in the computer world, involved in web master activities and video editing primarily, I refuse to participate in these subscription type programs. I just don't get enough use out of any one program to justify paying a monthly or annual subscription to any program.

    Some companies still provide both a subscription version and a stand alone version, while others there are free open source alternatives available to do the job. I sure hope that continues with my favourite programs, for if it doesn't they will be just chasing me away to another vendors product.

    Again I repeat: I would drop my favourite purchased software and go to a competitor if subscription is the only thing available.

    Just my opinion!

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  • Tuesday, February 26, 2019



    The RCMP along with many other police forces in various places across the continent have joined a safety program called #9PMRoutine.

    I believe it was originally started by the Pasco Sheriff's Office, New Port Richey, Florida, a place I am familiar with since I used to spend winters in nearby Davenport, Fl.

    The links will inform you of all the details.

    Nightly Routine

    The idea is to get yourself into a security routine every evening at 9 P.M.

    Briefly they are: Every night at 9 pm -

    Locked (windows and doors)


    Garage and shed

    Lights on?

    Alarm set?

    Make The List Specific To You

    If you need to you can modify the routine to suit your own needs. For example I don't turn on back outside lights because I have sensor lights all around.

    I do turn on the front outside light because it lets everyone know I participate in the #9PMRoutine.


    At first I thought this #9PMRoutine was unimportant since I tend to keep things locked and secure anyway.

    But you know what?

    For me it has turned into kind of a double check. At 9 pm I go through my list just to be sure I haven't missed anything.

    And you know what else? It feels good.

    Do It - #9PMRoutine

    Check it out, and why not get into the the #9PMRoutine every night.

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  • Friday, February 15, 2019

    Snow Plowing Technique 

    This won’t apply to those of you that are fortunate enough to live in a snow free warm climate. Those that do, will see the humour – and the expense.

    I Know How To Plow Snow

    Let me just say in past years I have had experience: Plowing snow on airport runways and taxiways (aerodromes), residential streets, parking lots, fire lanes, you name it.

    Equipment included huge hi-speed plows, blowers with engines the size of a locomotive, right down to front end loaders, street plows, graders and so on.

    I needed to say that so I could verify my opinion on the following comments.

    Easy Winter

    So far this year we have had a pretty easy winter. Some snow, freezing rain & ice, but it usually melted in a couple days so that grass and pavement were showing all around.

    Our storm a few days ago was the biggest so far.

    Can Dump Truck Drivers Plow Snow?

    Every storm I watch this type of plow go up the centre of the street, sometimes with the plow down, sometimes not, but the trips are made. I live on a corner, and watch time and time again as said plow plows snow into the intersection.

    There is a technique for doing intersections, T-intersections as well as full cross intersections – where you plow snow out of the intersection, not into it. That’s not taught anymore, apparently.

    Oh The Sidewalk

    Yeah that’s plowed too where I live. Sometimes by a Bobcat type machine towing a salt spreader. Other times with a John Deere tractor, with a blade wider than the sidewalk, also towing a spreader.

    Entertaining, Humourous & Expensive

    This last storm was all of the above. The street plow slowly drives up and down the street multiple times carefully cleaning the street. Yes both the plow and wing were down. The bank along the side was about 3 ft. high. Intersection cleaned, sort of.  Then it left.

    All of this is happening at night, so all of a sudden I have to spring up to see what is all the clatter, does it really matter?

    Well its the sidewalk machine bouncing along with its spreader clearing the sidewalk. Other than keeping everyone awake, it is doing a pretty good job – this time.

    An hour later, more noise louder than before, different, like something happening out of the ordinary. And it was!

    Here’s the dump truck plow coming down the street and a fairly high rate of speed, plow down, wing down.

    The perfect speed

    The snow was flying off the wing of the plow, going over the 3 ft. bank on the edge of the street already there, and perfectly filling the sidewalk  to capacity with two feet of snow.

    I won’t say much more, but the sidewalk plow didn’t clear the sidewalk as easily as before. It was a next morning production to say the least.

    The Humour

    The next day in the print media and the broadcast media it was mentioned. “Season only part way over. Its a very hard year on the ‘snow removal’ budget.”

    I could have written an article too. It would have been called: “Make Work Project Successful!”

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  • Friday, February 08, 2019

    Me & The Missus – Saturday Nights 

    I'm not even from Newfoundland but . . .

    There's a regular live show on  Facebook every Saturday evening featuring, who else, but  Me & The  Missus. A husband and wife couple who sing and play usually for a couple hours or more.

    Newfoundland, Pop, Country . . .

    "Newfie"songs, or Newfoundland songs whichever you prefer, have their own special characteristics which most people like. There are plenty of those.

    However Barb & Richard offer all kinds of songs from pop to country and more.

    Me & The Missus Have Followers Everywhere

    It’s amazing how many regular followers they have in a short time all across Canada, throughout the United States and other parts of the world such as Europe and beyond.

    They hail from Cornwall,Ontario but are originally from Ramea, Newfoundland. If you are just hanging around on A Saturday night, and need some entertainment check Facebook, search for Me & The Missus live.

    Or if you follow Richard on Facebook you will get a notification when they go live.They usually begin casting around 4:30 pm Eastern time. Although the time can vary sometimes due to their work schedule. (Search for Richard Young, the one with the ‘Talkin’ Tom’logo.)

    Computer, iPad, tablet, phone – anywhere you can get Facebook

    And if you have Chromecast or a similar device,watch them on the big screen. Video quality and sound are excellent.

    Check In, Let Them Know You’re Here

    They ask that you check in, let them know you are here via the regular Facebook chat, which is interesting to watch to see where everyone is from. If you have friends you think would like the show, they ask that you share.

    A CD is already in the planning stage, and should be available soon. Who knows, maybe this is the latest way to a recording contract.

    Geo OneDayLogo
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